Teresa Abreu

Office: 9

Email: tabreu@ipca.pt

Keywords: Assymetric Topologies, Integration, Numerical methods to solve equations with partial derivatives: Variational Iteration Method and Adomian Decomposition Method.   


Teresa Abreu graduated in 1997 in Mathematics from Science Faculty of the University of Lisbon. Acquires the title of PhD in Advanced Mathematics   from University of Vigo, in November 2005, with the thesis “Integration on quasi-unifoms conoids”.

She developed some works on asymmetric topological spaces. Actually, her research is focused on the study of numerical methods to find approximate solutions for equations with partial derivatives namely using the variational iterations method and the Adomian decomposition method.

She teaches since 1990 at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave and actually is the director of the postgraduate studies in Data Analysis for Business.