Real-time audio analyser

Interactive surface system based on Microphone Array for tool tracking

Keywords: EdgeAi, Microphone Array, RISC-V, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0

Authors: Diogo Vale, António H. J. Moreira

Augmented Reality is a key technology in Industry 4.0. It allows to tighten the gap between the physical world and a digital environment, something increasingly important for companies that want to make their processes not only more economical, but also safer and more efficient. It is a technology in constant growth, fact supported by studies that show an annual growth rate of 74% in the industrial market in the next 5 years.

The high level of flexibility of these systems allows their adaptation to the most diverse situations. From training and maintenance assistance, to control and management of the work environment as well as its safety. This project consists in the development of an Augmented Reality system with the use of Edge AI, Machine Hearing and Machine Vision, allowing position monitoring and operating detection of a set of industrial tools in an industrial workspace