Tooth Adventure

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the global goals for oral health 2020 is to “minimize the impact of diseases of oral and craniofacial origin on health and psychosocial development, giving emphasis to promoting oral health and reducing oral disease”. Aiming at WHO goal, Tooth Adventure game intends to achieve basic universal primary education by creating awareness on oral health, encouraging children to follow correct oral hygiene behaviors.

In order to teach children adequate oral hygiene habits, the game provides information regarding the schedule and number of times they should brush their teeth, recommending brush duration, movements, details about dental floss usage in each teeth and the importance of a correct mouthwash practice. Tooth Adventure provides two different types of levels. One that is played using the mobile phone alone (Tap the bacteria, Brush the bacteria, Dental Floss and Mouthwash modes), and a second one in which the player must use an electronically instrumented toothbrush capable of capturing, in real-time, the performed movements and transmit them to the game. Such mode allows the game to provide feedback to the player about the captured toothbrush movements, and induce him to perform the correct movements in order to kill the different types of bacteria that appear on the teeth. The idea is that such practice will entice the player (even if unconsciously) to follow correct brushing methods, even when not playing.