TECH – Tecnologia, Ambiente, Criatividade e Saúde

Reference: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000043

Date:2020/10/08 (36 months)

Budget: 1 644 211,53€

Project “TECH – Tecnologia, Ambiente, Criatividade e Saúde” will be executed in a holistic approach to the societal challenges outlined in Horizon 2020, and to the regional problems identified by the institutions and community partners. The three research lines proposed (HEALTH TECH, FOOD TECH, and ENVIRONMENT TECH) are developed in specific activities to address problems previously identified in scientific work by researchers and research centers.

HEALTH TECH line seeks the adoption of new technologies at the service of health that can act and have a very positive impact on prevention and health promotion, particularly through the use of sensors, monitoring vital signs, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence, and intelligent environmental monitoring. 2AI team will participate in the “Workpackage 3 – Tools for remote monitoring, analysis and risk assessment of occupational exposure to radon gas” of Activity 1.3 “RnHealthTech  – Technologies for occupational health risk assessment to radon gas exposure in Alto Minho”. 2AI will lead Task 3.1 – Definition of a model for analysis and risk assessment of occupational exposure to radon gas.


  • Joaquim Silva
  • Nuno Lopes
  • Rolando Azevedo (bolseiro)


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