SilkHouse – – Development of a smart microgrid based on renewable energy sources and a monitoring system for the House of Silk

Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-024376

Date: 2017 to 2019


Américo Vicente Teixeira Leite – PI (IPB)

José Henrique Brito (2Ai-IPCA)

Total Budget:


Project Description:

This project aims to develop a smart microgrid based on renewable energy sources and in innovative technologies, as well as a monitoring system to integrate in the Casa da Seda (“House of Silk”) of the Bragança Ciência Viva Centre. Among other renewable sources, the microgrid will integrate photovoltaic solar energy and a small hydro system, suitably integrated in the place where once there was a mill. The microgrid will also integrate an intelligent control and monitoring system, extended to the monitoring of several environment variables along the passage of the Fervença river through the city of Bragança. In addition to promoting future energetic sustainability, the project also aims to enhance the dissemination of science in Casa da Seda and to increase the potential for attracting visitors to the Bragança Ciência Viva Centre, as a point of interest on the route of the tourism in the region.