João L. Vilaça

Office: 1.03


Keywords: smart interventions; personalized health and care;  biomedical imaging;  natural user interfaces; robotics; Artificial Intelligence


João L. Vilaça graduated inIndustrial Electronics and Computers at University of Minho, Portugal in 2004. In 2008, he obtained the PhD degree in Industrial Electronics from the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal. During his PhD thesis, he worked on developof medical devices for automatic modelling/bending of personalised surgical prosthesis, and he founded the company iSurgical3D – Spin-off. Besides the development of new medical devices for personalised surgical prosthesis, he is currently focused on the development of new human-machine interfaces based on natural user interfaces, and, robotic guided surgery for minimal invasive surgeries. João L. Vilaça is presently coordinator of 2Ai Laboratory and, Director of Technology Department at School of Technology, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave,Portugal.



PubMED Publications:

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Ongoing Projects

Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Robot for Patient-specific Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions –

SmartHealth – Artificial Intelligence for lifelong Personalized Patient Care –

OncoNavigator – Intelligent System for Personalized Navigation and Mapping of Oncological Interventions –

InjectID4.0 –

SmartRobotics for laparoscopy

Previous projects: 

PhD Students

  1. Nuno Rodrigues – Surgical Process Modelling and Context Awareness for Smart Surgical Assistance Systems in Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (start: 2021)
  2. Simão Valente – A new smart and intuitive interface for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy guidance (start: 2021)
  3. Bruno Silva – Semantic Segmentation of Tissues and Anatomical Structures of 3D Laparoscopic Videos Using Deep Learning (start: 2021)
  4. Marcos Rodriguez – Robotic Smart Assistants for Laparoscopic Robotic Surgery: Speech Recognition and Tool Segmentation (start: 2021)
  5. Isaias Barbosa – Sistema de alerta inteligente para doentes ostomizados (start: 2020)
  6. Fernando Veloso – Desenvolvimento de ortótese craniana personalizada para a correção da plagiocefalia posicional SFRH/BD/131545/2017 (start: 2018)
  7. Bruno Oliveira – Artificial intelligence collaborative robot for patient-specific laser treatment of vascular lesions SFRH/BD/136721/2018 (start: 2019)
  8. Helena Torres – Cranial orthosis modeling and treatment outcome prediction framework for infants with deformational plagiocephaly SFRH/BD/136670/2018 (start: 2019)
  9. Pedro Rodrigues (2017) – Sistema de navegação electromagnético para radiologia intervencionista, focada em intervenções percutâneas minimamente invasivas SFRH/BD/74276/2010
  10. António Moreira (2017) – Sistema de modelação personalizada de próteses dentárias baseada em sistemas de posicionamento e orientação de elevada precisão SFRH/BD/68270/2010
  11. Sandro Queirós (2018) – Fast fully automatic myocardium segmentation in 4D cine cardiac Magnetic Resonance datasets SFRH/BD/93443/2013
  12. Pedro Morais (2019) – Guidanc e of transseptal punctures for left heart interventions using personalized biomechamical models and volumetric ultrasound imaging SFRH/BD/95438/2013
  13. João Fonseca (2021) – Image-based framework for radiation-free percutaneous renal access in minimally invasive interventions PDE/BDE/113597/2015