Reference: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-068574

Date: Jan 2021 to Jun 2022


Estela Vilhena – PI (2Ai-IPCA)

Nuno Dias (2Ai-IPCA and MindProber)

José Henrique Brito (2Ai-IPCA)

Total Budget:

861.679,11 €

Project Description:

As viewers are increasingly overwhelmed with premium TV content, the number of viewers becomes a rather limited measure of engagement. More than the number of views, it is important to understand the viewer’s actual emotional engagement with the content, understanding how the affective response causes audience retention across segments or how it enhances mnesic effects and decision making about the content viewed. Obtaining viewers’ emotional responses to content is seen as a multiplier of the number of viewers that results in a more informative measure of the impact of that content. Therefore, through this project, the present consortium intends to combine the physiological data collection capacity of the MindProber platform and TV consumption data through the NOS UMA box, as well as the knowledge of the MindProber team in neuroscience of consumption and audiences, the market experience and the NOS customer database, and the scientific capacity of 2Ai-IPCA to develop and apply artificial intelligence algorithms to predict audiences in TV cinema.