2Ai Laboratory was capacitated with a physical infrastructure to support research, composed of laboratories that include a set of innovative technological equipment available to researchers.

  • Robots: Kuka iiwa and Agilus; Universal robot UR3; 10 Lego EV3 and 5 Lego NXT2 kits; NAO; DJI 1000+; 30+ Parrot AR 2;
  • Image and surface acquisition systems: GE Vivid 9 (4D US transesophageal probe); scanner Polhemus; Microsoft kinetic I and II; industrial visible light, thermal and multispectral cameras, filters, lenses;
  • Production support equipments: LKF s1003 and D104, laser cutting machine, printers 3D machines (Uprint, Ultimate II, OBJET Eden 260), plastic forming machine, CNC milling machine – VF2 Haas, CNC turning center – TL1 Haas;
  • Virtual and augmented reality equipment: 15 HTC vive; 4 Oculos Rift; EPSON MOVERIO; Microsoft HoloLens; ODG R-7 SmartGlasses;
  • Motion tracking and haptic feedback: Aurora NDI; Xsense; Tobii EyeX; Data Gloves 5DT; Leap Motion; Kinect; Polhemus Liberty; Force Dimension Omega 7;
  • Graphical and Computational Power: Render Farm – 4x HP DL380 G82; several graphical workstations; several mobile devices;
  • Embedded systems and sensors: Rasp pi 3; Jetson TK1; weather station; Epoc emotive; wireless communications interfaces; several sensors and GPS receivers.