Eva Oliveira

Office: Gabinete 2

Email: eoliveira@ipca.pt

Keywords: social inclusive app, user centered design, participatory design, web development


I work as Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and the Ave.

Have a Phd in Human Computer Interaction, titled “Multimedia Interaction and Access Based on Emotions: Automating Video Elicited Emotions Recognition And Visualization” at the Human Computer Interaction and Multimedia Group (HCIM) – of the Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory (LaSIGE), a research unit of the Informatics Department (DI) of the Faculty of Sciences (FC), University of Lisbon (UL).

My research interests are serious games focused on psychotherapy in adults. Also interested in game design and player experience studies being guided by human computer interaction foundations. In general, every research I supervise and in which I’m involved has one common characteristic, to enhance people’s life. As example, a system to help blind people to combine their clothes, or a VR system to help people deal with homophobia or a an app to help growing up in border regions in Portugal.

Currently lecturer on Digital Games Development Engineering and Computer Science at IPCA and director of the Digital Games Development Master at IPCA.  I am also and member of the organization comitee of SEGAH – an IEEE conference on Serious Games an Applications for Health.


  • Title: GrowUp, Title: Growup: Crescer em regiões de fronteira em Portugal: jovens, percursos educativos e agendas, financiado pelo Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional  
  • Position: Investigador Responsável entidade co-promotora
  • Reference: projeto n.º 029943 PTCD/CED/EDG/29943/2017  
  • Date: 15-07-2018 to 15-07-2022 
  • Budget: € 15.485,66 (do IPCA)