Cybers Sec IP – CYBERSecurity SciEntific Competences and Innovation Potential

Reference: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000044

Date: 2020/10/01 (36 months)

Budget: 1.166.146,20 €

The continuous evolution of digital systems is transforming irrevocably the way organisations operate and interoperate, a transformation which is expected only to accelerate. In order to fully realize the benefits that this emerging digital society is expected to bring, we are required to understand and address the risks which are at stake – the same technologies which promise to facilitate operations also bring significant challenges. Mitigating risks whilst promoting the benefits, requires reliable and secure digital systems, a challenge that can only be tackled with a strong ecosystem of research, development and innovation.

The main goal of this project is therefore to further strength the scientific competences and innovation potential of the North region, to tackle the cybersecurity challenge, through investment in a small set of enabling technologies and knowledge, in a coherent program organised in two research lines: one related to the design and protection of secure digital systems, and a second centered on data security and privacy.


  • Nuno Lopes
  • Irene Portela
  • Silvana Chagas
  • Afonso Almeida (bolseiro)