António Moreira

Office: Lab.2 in 2Ai Center
Keywords:  Industry 4.0 | Artificial Vision | Robotics | Digital Twins | IoT & EdgeAI | Biomedical devices


António H. J. Moreira is currently an Invited Associate Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA), Portugal. In 2009, he finished his master thesis focused in real-time embedded control systems for human machine interfaces applied to customized industrial equipments. In 2016, obtained a PhD degree in Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering from the University of Minho, Portugal. During the PhD is work was mainly focused on the development of a intraoral “Dental implants’ acquisition system for personalized dental prosthesis” and customized software solutions to aid the dental prosthesis development. It also developed image processing applications to speed up and standardize biomedical image analysis and also for industrial quality control and anomaly detection.

António H. J. Moreira is also an integrated member of 2Ai Laboratory with focus in Industry 4.0 challenges, collaborative robotics, machine learning for embedded/IoT systems and biomedical devices.



Lic/Msc/Phd Projects:

Intelligent Digital Twin
3D Digital Twins
Sprocket Ai Vision
AR/VR Maintenance
IIoT Thermal Check
tinyML Predictive Motor Anomaly
OmniNav Robotics
Real-time audio analyser
XDK Smart Vest

Research Projects:



Title: HowMI .: HowMI (How am I?) – HOme Wearables and Monitors Integrated        More info: link

  • Position: Researcher
  • Reference: POCI-01-02B7-FEDER-053284
  • Date: Abr/2020 to Jan/2021
  • Budget: 185.234,74€



Title: Apoio especial “Verão com Ciência”         More info: link

  • Position: Researcher
  • Reference: UIDB/05549/2020
  • Date: Jul/2020 to Oct/2020
  • Budget: 12.126,00€

Title: Maintenance 4.0 – Intelligent and Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Systems         More info: link

  • Position: Researcher
  • Reference: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-023725        
  • Date: Oct/2017 to Apr/2019
  • Budget: 142.767,19€

Title: SmartORTHOSIS – Ortótese inteligente personalizada para plagiocefalia posicional         More info: link

  • Position: Researcher
  • Reference: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-024300
  • Date: Oct/2017 to Apr/2019
  • Budget: 148.785,46€

Title: Digital impression system for dental prosthesis         More info:  link   link

  • Position: Researcher
  • Reference: EXPL/BBB-BMD/2146/2013         
  • Date: Jan/2014 to Jan/2015
  • Budget: 49,978.00€


  • Oliveira B, Morais P, Veloso F, Moreira A, Batista A, Fonseca J, Vilaça J, Provisional Patent – PP 20191000048483 – Device and operating method thereof for laser treatment of veins;
  • Moreira A, Fonseca J, Pinho ACM, Vilaça JL. – Sistema de aquisição da posição e orientação tridimensional de implantes dentários e respetivo método de utilização. (PAT 20151000007530) – (PN108174), (2015)
  • Moreira A, Queirós A, Rodrigues N, Fonseca J, Pinho ACM, Vilaça JL. – Método para determinação da posição e orientação tridimensional de implantes em imagens médicas. (PAT 20151000007617) – (PN108184), (2015)

Ongoing Works:

  • Ana Almeida, “Artificial intelligence in industrial robotic environments for improved collaborative safety”, 2020
  • Bruno Pacheco, “IIoT for Predictive Maintenance in Pneumatic Systems”, 2020
  • Fernando Pinheiro, “Sensitive Soft Gripper for i4.0”, 2020
  • Ricardo Rodrigues, “See2Pick – See through object detection system for robotic picking applications”, 2020
  • Pedro Martins, “Digital twin and hyper automation for human augmentation”, 2020
  • Pedro Lobo, “3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation to improve industrial digital twin”, 2020