Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative and powerful technology that holds promise for economic and societal benefits. AI has the potential to remodel how we communicate, live, learn and work. In this sense, AI research shows potential to further our regional and national priorities, including economy needs, educational opportunities, quality of life, and security.

AI research has continuously expanded, proving its added-value for multiple tasks, such as image processing, handwriting recognition, and human language translation. Nowadays, AI targets the expansion of the number of application situations, aiming to develop more general solutions that meets the requirements of different applications without significant methodological modifications.

To challenge this driven research, 2Ai was established in february 2018 at IPCA and combines researchers from computer vision, cognitive systems, machine learning, natural language processing, serious games, and robotics areas. 2Ai will pursue research on fundamental advances in the above AI areas, mainly focusing on applying these cross-cutting themes in the development of technically innovative solutions and services for health, industry, environment and security.