Reference: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000045

Date: 2020-present

Budget: 1 606 140,62€

SmartHealth – Artificial Intelligence for lifelong Personalized Patient Care

In the SmartHealth project, we intend to create new efficient and intelligent technologies to support different stages of the medical treatment, namely the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, rehabilitation and patient follow-up. For that, we propose three research line (RL) areas: (RL1) Intelligent Digitization, (RL2) Intelligent Systems and (RL3) Human-AI collaboration. While the RL1 will focus on the development of a framework to efficiently store and share clinical information from different sources (e.g. paper-based exams, laser scans, among others), the RL2 will focus on the development of AI tools to automatically and autonomously improve specific medical processes, such as a virtual smart assistant and improved medical treatments. Finally, the RL3 will explore the potential of human-AI collaboration in different medical treatments. In this sense, intuitive interfaces and external sensors will be embedded into the collaborative robotic systems, facilitating its handling throughout the intervention and ultimately improving the current medical procedures.


– João Vilaça (PI)
– Alberto Simões
– António Moreira
– Daniel Miranda
– Duarte Duque
– Estela Vilhena
– Joaquim Gonçalves
– José Brito
– Luís Ferreira
– Maria Cunha
– Nuno Dias
– Vítor Carvalho
– Eva Oliveira
– João Silva
– Mariana Carvalho
– Mário João Basto
– Natália Rego
– Nuno Lopes
– Patrícia Leite
– Pedro Morais
– Teresa Abreu
– Miguel Terroso
– Demétrio Matos
– Cristiana Cardoso
– Alexandra Malheiro
– Bruno Sousa