sBee – Smart Beekeeping

Distributed and integrated computing platform, based on the Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things patterns, to develop mechanisms and services to improve efficiency in Beekeeping management, monitoring and control.

It is a national initiative of the Portuguese Government.

System Architecture:

    • Physical beehive monitoring infrastructure;
    • Hive/apiary/member communications infrastructure;
    • Federated Beekeeping Resources network;
    • System of monitoring and environmental control;
    • Distributed and integrated multimodal information system.
    • Artificial Intelligence services ready
    • API for integration of existing solutions
    • For all beekeeping stakeholders.
    • Green technology and Circular Economy considered

Working Plan:


  • Luís Ferreira
  • Alberto Simões
  • Joaquim Gonçalves
  • Joaquim Silva
  • Nuno Lopes
  • Hugo Lopes
  • Ricardo Barroso